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Here's a REAL Conversation (mem > memphis) pic [xundo]

Here's Your Putin Update, TRAITOR (mem > memphis) pic [xundo]

"Looking for some updates on Putin being "kicked out of Ukraine"".... (mem > Maybe I missed it?) pic map [xundo]

Overheard conversation between Biden and Obama.. pic map [xundo]

Justice for Wilbert Gay Jr. (mem > Memphis) map [xundo]

EVERY Democrat Beats Trump (mem > memphis) pic [xundo]

Just like the Man said; pic map [xundo]

The Return of Our teabagger (mem > memphis) pic [xundo]

Opps!!! Time for a "Relook" for a DemoRat Candidate?? (mem > Hillary in "FREEfall") pic map [xundo]

Lots of Baggage makes a "Heavy Load" pic map [xundo]

Trump 2016 pic [xundo]

election 2016 pic [xundo]

save the MCAS animals protest meeting (wky > paducah) map [xundo]

End AR Income and Capital Gains Taxes (jbr > Statewide) pic map [xundo]

End AR Income and Capital Gains Taxes (mem > Statewide) pic map [xundo]

LA. Gunman was Another teabagger! (mem > memphis) pic [xundo]

Obama's Deal with Iran (mem > memphis) pic [xundo]

Did FREEbagger bring up the subject of "Family" pic map [xundo]

That was No Cow, Dumbass (mem > memphis) pic [xundo]

Growin up; we had an ole cow on the farm.... map [xundo]

Social Security Disability Cut 20%!!! (jxt > National) [xundo]

John Kasich Enters 2016 Race (mem > memphis) pic [xundo]

The Koch Brothers' To Do List (mem > memphis) pic [xundo]

NEW Govt. State of the Climate Report (mem > memphis) pic [xundo]